I’m a professionally qualified archivist with more than 25 years’ experience. I’m expert in sources for UK history and can competently research on sources overseas.

As a former County Archivist I know my way round archive repositories, catalogues, how to use searchrooms, and how to navigate the wide range of sources and the places they’re housed.

I’m your expert researcher and archive “buddy”.

As we all know, sometimes records just haven’t survived (fire, flood, mice, shredding…) or there are legal reasons why they’re not available but, with those caveats, if it’s there I’ll find it for you.

Too busy or not confident to do your research yourself? I can advise on sources, suggest a research strategy and do the legwork for you. I will use online sources and visit record offices and other repositories on your behalf. I will present the results in a detailed report with copies of documents where possible.

Whatever your area of interest is – family history, biography, property/house history, local history, vehicle history, background research for books or documentaries, company history, school history (as special anniversaries loom) – let me loose.

Research Support
You’ve researched using online sources and you’ve now got research questions that you need to use undigitised records to answer. Visiting a record office can be a daunting experience – working out the catalogues, the rules, what to ask for…

Archivists are lovely people (I’m one myself). However we all know how stretched public services are and many record offices just don’t have the staffing to offer really detailed support during a research visit. This is where I come in.

I offer a range of support including:
* Searching catalogues to identify records likely to answer your research questions
* Helping create a research strategy – what to look in, where it might be and what sort of answers you might get
* Helping set up visits to record offices – appointments, guidance on what to expect, ordering documents in advance – tailored to individual record offices
* Visiting record offices with you – being your archival “buddy”. Note this doesn’t mean we’d have any special access – we’d be working under the same conditions as other researchers. However you’d have your own archivist alongside you helping and advising.

You’ve found the document that solves your research question. Congratulations! But it’s in old-fashioned handwriting and possibly Latin or French too.

I offer a range of transcription options from giving you the gist to a full formal transcription.